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Credit Tracker

Take control of your credit score with Credit Tracker! 

Credit Tracker 
from Gulf Coast Bank allows you to view the complete picture of your credit score* and all its components, as well as ongoing credit monitoring. With this information at your fingertips, you can plan for the future, all within the convenience of your Gulf Coast Bank mobile app and online banking! 

Credit Report

On the homepage, the Credit Tracker Credit Score graphs show your credit score on a chart with up to twelve months of history. This enables you to easily see changes and trends in your credit score throughout the year and alerts you to significant changes that could be an indicator of fraud. Your credit reports are available on-screen and can also be downloaded by you.

Credit Alerts

Credit alerts and monitoring provides alerts based on changes to your credit profile. This enables ongoing notifications, so that you can be aware of, and protect, your credit score.

Score Simulator

The Credit Score Simulator estimates how your credit score may change by up to 16 different actions & variables. Your current score is displayed so that you can compare your actual score to your simulated score. You can change any or all of these 16 variables to calculate an estimated change to their credit score. Better information for better decision making.

Score Factors

Credit scores are calculated by weighing different components and attributes, known as factors, from the credit report. Credit Score Factors provides you detail on what attributes a credit score considers, their relative impact to the credit score, and the actual values contributing to your credit score. You can explore how these factors are reported from Experian. You can also learn how to increase your credit score through the targets and advice provided in-tool related to:

  • Payment History
  • Credit Card Utilization
  • Derogatory Marks
  • Credit Age
  • Total Accounts
  • Hard Inquiries


Debt Analysis

Debt Analysis provides you the ability to explore your outstanding debts, liabilities, and monthly payments. You are empowered to make better financial decisions with an understanding of your accounts in one simple view. You can also enter your income to calculate and provide insight into your debt-to-income ratio with debts from their credit report.

With Credit Tracker you get insights into the components of your credit score and history, all in one intuitive interface. It's one more way Gulf Coast Bank helps you achieve your financial goals!

Log in (Opens in a new Window)to your mobile banking and check out Credit Tracker now! 

*The credit score provided is based on the VantageScore® 3.0 model using data from Experian®. There are various types of credit scores, and lenders may use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness.

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