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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a web application that enables commercial customers to deposit a wide variety of paper checks without having to leave their business. It is a more convenient way to make check deposits and allows you to receive funds faster, improving your working capital. 

With RDC you are able to capture (scan), store, and process your check deposits at your business - no trip to the bank needed.

The RDC portal can be housed inside your Gulf Coast Bank Online Banking account (Cash Management).

How it works:

It’s simple! With the RDC scanner attached to your computer, you can scan and deposit paper checks into your account.

  • Convenient & Easy
  • Saves Time
  • Reduced Transportation Cost
  • Lower Risk
  • Receive Funds Faster, Improving Working Capital

The monthly fee for this service is $40.00 

Remit Plus

Some businesses only need to deposit checks, and Remote Deposit Capture meets those needs, but businesses that receive recurring payments need to make deposits, and post payments to their accounts receivable systems. That’s what Remit Plus is for!

Remit Plus is capable of handling simple to complex billing systems.

Who has remittance headaches?

Any business or non-profit that receives recurring payments or donations!

  • Water Utilities
  • Property Management
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Sanitation companies
  • Electric co-ops
  • Telephone companies
  • Cable Companies
  • Water Departments
  • Lawn care services
  • Pest control
  • Churches
  • Non-profit Organizations
How it works:

Easy to Use - The system’s simple red-light/green-light functionality is easy to learn and enables you to process transactions the same day as installation. With advanced character recognition, Remit Plus reads and stores the amount, endorses the checks, and saves the selected identifiers from the coupons – whether free-form, handwritten, barcode, or OCR – significantly reducing errors generated through manual entry. The user can view the front and the back of images while correcting any misread items.

Lower Labor Costs - By eliminating the need for multiple employees to sort, reconcile, process, endorse, manually post accounts receivable payments, and courier checks, Remit Plus substantially reduces labor costs.

Decrease Errors - With an intuitive user interface, users are clicks away from scanning, entry, balancing, depositing, and exporting to virtually any billing system directly from their internet browser.

Lookup Table Integration - Remit Plus supports lookup tables for handling check- or field-level validation, reject lists, and auto-population.

Search Capabilities - Remit Plus provides easy yet comprehensive access to all check and associated transaction information processed through the system, including custom fields, rejects, images, and MICR data. Research is coupled with robust user rights management to view/hide custom fields, check MICR, check top, and check back.

Contact us at 337 893-7733, for additional information and pricing.

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