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InTouch Phone Banking

New feature enhancements are as follows:

  • You will be able to activate and/or hot card your debit card (report your card lost or stolen)
  • Hear memo posted items that are pending to post to your account(s)
  • Balance quote before scheduling a transfer
  • InTouch limits transfers from money market accounts in compliance with Reg D
  • Receive the amount of accrued interest information for Savings, CD, IRA, and Christmas Club accounts

Continued features:

  • Transaction history can be played for Checking, Savings, CDs, Loans and Christmas Club account types
  • Funds transfers to Checking, Savings, Loans, Christmas Club and Funds transfers from Checking, Savings, Loans, Christmas Club
  • Electronic transactions that are pending for your account (ACH Direct Deposit, etc.)
  • Set up Stop Payments
  • Order Checks

When you first call into the system using the same phone number, 337-892-3100, it will require you to reestablish your PIN number. The PIN requirements have changed so that it must contain a minimum of six (6) characters with a maximum of ten (10). You will be prompted to enter your primary account number, PIN (must be created for first-time caller), and the last 4-digits of your SS#/Tax ID# each time you log on due to the fact that InTouch uses a layered security approach to satisfy the FFIEC regulation. The last four of your social security number will act as the third layer of security. Once your PIN has been set up, you will be allowed three (3) failed attempts to log in before being locked out.  You must contact the Bank to have your login access unlocked. Your account access will become dormant after 180 days of inactivity, and at that time you must contact the Bank to reactivate your login account.





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