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Mobile Security Tips

Mobile Safety

Threats Dangers
Device Loss or Theft
  • Loss of sensitive personal and employer information such as contacts,  calendars and photos
  • Breach of your privacy, and in a worst-case scenario, you could become a victim of identity theft
  • Compromised online accounts
  • Payment to replace the device, and/or possible calls or texts charged to your account

Phishing Scams
(often delivered via emails, texts and social networking sites)

  • Sensitive information revealed such as account numbers and login Credentials
  • Unauthorized withdrawals made from your bank account

Malware and Spyware

  • Compromised personal information—you could even become a victim of identity theft
  • Unauthorized charges could appear on your mobile bill
  • Others may listen in on your phone calls and retrieve your voicemails

Quick Response (QR) Codes

  • You could accidentally download a malicious application
  • Your personal information could be compromised, or your device could cease to function properly

Wi-Fi Networks

  • You could connect to an unsecured network, and the data you send, including sensitive information such as passwords and account numbers, could potentially be intercepted

Top 10 Mobile Safety Tips

Make sure you are protected.  Follow these simple tips:

  1.  Lock your device with a personal identification number (PIN) or password
  2. Only install applications (APPS) from trusted sources
  3. Back up your data
  4. Keep you system updated
  5. Don’t hack your device—Tampering with your own device to free it from limitations set by a provider can significantly weaken the security of your device
  6. Always log out of banking and shopping sites properly—Don’t bank or shop from public Wi-Fi connections
  7. Turn off Wi-Fi, location services, and Bluetooth when they are not in use—Turn off apps that use location services-you may not realize it, but some mobile service providers store this information and it could be shared, leaked, or used to push ads to you.
  8. Avoid texting or emailing personal information
  9. Don’t click on links or attachments in unsolicited emails or text messages
  10. Install a mobile security app


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