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Business Loans

SBA Lending

Small businesses are the strength of neighborhoods and communities.

That's why Gulf Coast Bank pursues this area of economic growth. By applying for an SBA loan with us, you will gain much more than our financial strength.

First, we are a SBA preferred lender. This means most loan decisions are made in-house with SBA concurrence following. This saves time.

Second, we make most loans for our own portfolio. Your loan will not be sold to the secondary market for a quick profit. We are committing ourselves to a long term, successful relationship with you.

Third, we bring you years of accumulated experience in successfully starting and growing businesses. This experience is enhanced by our detailed knowledge of the community and area. Ask for someone to assist you with your loan questions and needs.

You will probably get SBA qualification if you have:

  • Acceptable past credit
  • A business venture with a good chance of success
  • A personal history attesting to your ability and expertise in this particular line of business


Your application will probably qualify if it is:

  • The purchase or recapitalization of an existing business.
  • The purchase or start-up of a recognized national franchise with a good history of profit and success including fast food restaurants, small motels and hotels and other nationally advertised franchised businesses.

    Government guaranteed loans on businesses range up to $5,000,000. Some require considerable real estate as additional collateral. We also consider USDA B&I loans, (United States Department of Agriculture Business and Industry).  The total amount of agency loans to one borrower must not exceed 10,000,000.00.  Exceptions are made under certain circumstances.

Equity requirements vary.

Your equity injection (down payment) could range from 0% - 30% cash or business net worth. This could be the net worth in your business. A start-up business may require more cash equity.

Loan approval takes approximately 3 to 5 days after we have all the required information in our possession. As stated before, we make loans for our own portfolio, funding them with our own deposits. We do not sell our loans to other institutions.


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