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Business Banking

Gulf Coast Bank is a community bank sensitive to how small business is conducted in Acadiana. We have a simple question for you. How can we help you get where you’re going? Give us a call and talk to one of our community bankers – someone you may even know personally. And, most importantly, we probably already know something about your business and its needs because as a locally-owned community bank, that’s what we focus on.

We’ve built our reputation on serving small and medium sized businesses. Gulf Coast Bank is a certified and preferred SBA lender. That means we can make loan decisions at the local level. After all, who knows the community better than your Gulf Coast banker?

Gulf Coast Bank offers the latest in Internet banking resources – it’s banking your way, practically anywhere, anytime.

Got a growing problem? No problem. Call us and one of our community bankers will come to you ready and willing to help.

Commercial Checking

You must deposit $50.00 to open this account.

Charges based on low balance:

below $3,000 .............. $10.00
50 free withdrawals, 10 cents per check after 50
$3,000 - $5,999 .......... $0
50 free withdrawals, 10 cents per check after 50
$6,000 - $8,999 .......... $0
150 free withdrawals, 10 cents per check after 150
$9,000 - $9,999 .......... $0
250 free withdrawals, 10 cents per check after 250
$10,000 and over .......No Charge

We reserve the right to charge a volume rate.

Interest Bearing Checking Account

Money Market Account - Commercial

  • Minimum opening deposit: $10,000.
  • If balance falls below $10,000, no interest will be earned for those days.
  • Three withdrawals per month can be made in the Commercial Money Market Checking Accounts without charge. A $20. fee will be assessed for each transaction over three withdrawals.


 CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service)

Gulf Coast Bank offers a product that enables customers to deposit an excess of $250,000 and still receive full FDIC coverage.

It is CDARS, which stands for Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service.  There are various maturities ranging from 4 weeks to 5 years. The maturities can be laddered to give plenty of options for a maturity. Businesses of all sizes, all public funds, and all non-profits, for example, are some of the opportune clients of the CDARS product.

With the CDARS product, Gulf Coast Bank can: provide customers with access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance on CD investments for the customers’  entire deposits through a single bank- Gulf Coast Bank; save customers time and effort; offer customers CD-level interest rates, which have historically favorably compared to Treasuries; and help customers’ money work for the local community.

For example, a customer deposits $5 million with Gulf Coast Bank. GCB is a member of the Promontory Network. This means the $5 million deposit is divided into amounts under the standard FDIC insurance, which is currently at $250,000 and allocated among other 21 U.S. Promontory Network banks -making the full amount of $5 million eligible for FDIC coverage. As a result, customers can access coverage from many institutions while working with only Gulf Coast Bank.

Confidential information is protected and never shared with other Network members. Customers communicate only with the GCB local service team, and customers receive one consolidated statement from only GCB.

This makes depositing large sums convenient. Customers manage one bank relationship, earn one rate per maturity on their investments and receive one regular account statement.

It’s also a community investment. The full value of money deposited using CDARS transactions will support lending opportunities in Acadiana community.

The CDARS product may be right for a customer who worries about investment safety in general; has time management issues related to managing multiple relationships, signing multiple agreements, negotiating multiple rates, and consolidating multiple interest disbursements and statements; and wants the full value of the funds to support this area. A customer of CDARS with GCB would not have to worry about opening accounts at multiple banks, in multiple names to have access to the FDIC coverage; the full amount would be covered and be on one statement through GCB.



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