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GCB Bill Payer User Guide


Getting Started

Your first step is to select GCB Bill Payer, then you must select “Activate Account” then select the account you wish to pay bills from. You must then select “Accept” to activate your account to pay bills.  (Additional fees will apply for multiple checking account bill paying)

Add Payees

Select GCB Bill Payer, then Payees and then you would select “Add Payee”. By entering the information the system will search to see if they may be set up as an Electronic type payee.  If they are not found as an electronic, you must select for the payment to be set up as a check type.

The information you will need to fill out the payee form will be found on the bill payment stub you should have received from the payee to remit payment.

Payee List

A list of all current Bill Payees that displays the name, account number, payee type and status-You may also edit the account number and alias name.

If you need to change any other information, you must delete the payee and set them up again.

Pay Bills

Processing times for Bill Payments are 2:00 AM CST and 12:00 Noon CST Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

In order for payments to be received by their due date, please allow 7-10 business days for check payments and 3-4 days for electronic payments. (Especially for the first few times)

After the bill payment processing time has passed, after submitting the bill payment, you should view your history to verify the status of the bill payment to confirm that it has been processed. (There are times when a communication error will prevent the payment from getting processed, therefore, the payment would be captured during the next processing time).

New Payment:

Add Payment--

Setting up a recurring payment

Pay from account - If, you have chosen to pay bills from more than one account, you would select the appropriate one at this time.

Pay to - Select the appropriate payee you are sending the payment to.

Memo - You may enter a brief memo, which will be placed on check type payments.

Frequency - You may select how often you want this bill to be paid. If you choose other than one-time, you will be given the option to enter an Expiration date and to select it to be a recurring payment.

Quick Payment--

Making a one-time immediate payment and being able to select multiple payees at the same time.

Variable Payment type

Variable Payment - A payment set up to recur however often you have chosen, but the dollar amount will be blank for you to enter the correct amount before sending. If your payment is the same amount for each payment, you will not select variable payment and the bill will be paid automatically each time.

Bills paid out of Money Market accounts are subject to withdrawal limits.

Please verify the payee information before submitting a payment to ensure your payment is going to the correct payee.

Scheduled Payments

Any payments that are scheduled to be paid will be displayed on this page. You have the option to edit or delete if you so choose.

Quick Edit - Will allow you to edit the memo, select another account to pay bills from (if you have another checking account and have chosen to pay bills from it) and you may edit the dollar amount of the payment.

Payment History

You have 18 months of history for your bill payments.  Simply enter the criteria necessary for whatever you are looking for.

 Payment Center

The payment center allows you to use the widgets to organize your bill paying.

You may select to have this as your landing page when you choose GCB Bill Payer, otherwise, the "Scheduled Payments" will be your landing page.

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