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GCB Bill Payer FAQ


Q. I get an error message when I submit a bill to be paid.  What am I doing wrong? 

You must first select the option to “Activate Account” under GCB Bill Payer.  You will then select the checking account you wish to pay bills from in the drop down box given and select “Accept” on the following screen.

Q. How does my account get charged when I submit a bill for payment?
There are two types of payments through the Bill Payer system.  Each of these are processed as follows: 
  • Check Payments - Checks issued through Bill Payer are laser printed and MICR encoded through the processor.  The checks are encoded with the routing number Gulf Coast Bank, your account number and a sequential check number beginning at a number determined by you.  These checks clear against your account just as if you had written a check from your own checkbook.  There is not a validation of available funds prior to the issuance of a Bill Pay Check.
  • Electronic Payments - During the 2 AM CST or 12 noon CST bill pay processing, the electronic payment files are verified for funds availability from the Bank’s computer system.  If the funds are available, your account is debited for the payment.  However, if the funds are not available, the payment will remain in suspense until the funds are available and then the bill will be paid and your account will be debited.  The payment information is then sent to the processor for processing.  It is your responsibility to ensure your payment has processed.

Q. Are the check payments that I send to a payee drawn from my account?

Yes.  All checks issued through BillPayer are encoded just as if they were a check from your own checkbook.  The signature line on the check will read “As Authorized by Account Holder”.
Q. When will the transaction(s) be processed?
BillPayer payments are processed each day at 2:00AM CST and 12:00 noon CST.  Any Payments entered up to that time will be processed the same day.  Any Payment issued via check will be printed and mailed the same day.  Electronic Payments will be sent to the processor for processing the same day and will be posted to your account that same day.
Q. How much time should I allow for the bill payment to get to the payee?
Since check payments entered before noon, are mailed that day, sufficient time must be allowed for the post office to deliver the check.  Please allow at least 3-4 business days for electronic payments and 7-10 business days for check type payments.
Q. What will I be charged for using the BillPayer bill pay system?
The first 3 full statement cycles will be free and then you will be charged $4.95 per cycle after that.  You will be allowed 15 bills to be paid within the fee and you will be charged $.40 per bill after the 15th bill.

Generations Gold Account Customers may qualify for discounted rates.
Q. What is the highest dollar amount that I can pay for a bill?
Since electronic payments are validated against the account balance prior to processing, and check payments settle against your account like any other check, there is no dollar limitation on payments made through BillPayer.  It all depends on the available funds in your account.
Q. How many payees can I set up?
There is no limit to the number of payees that you may set up.
Q. How will I be billed for using the Bill Payment service?
Your account will be billed on your statement automatically each month.  If you have set up more than one checking account to pay bills you will be charged a fee for each account.
Q. Can I place a stop payment on a bill-pay check?
Yes.  After the check type payment is processed, either after 2:00AM CST or 12:00 Noon CST, you may set up a stop payment on that check through NetTeller or you may visit one of the Gulf Coast Bank locations to set up a stop payment.  If you wish to stop the payment before the appropriate processing time, you would simply go to the scheduled payment page and delete the bill payment.
Q. Can I place a stop payment on an Electronic payment?
You may delete the payment before the processing cutoff time, which is 2:00 AM CST 12:00 noon CST.  If it is after the cutoff time and the payment is processed you may not stop payment but you may submit a claim, through Gulf Coast Bank, to request that the payment be returned from the Payee-this is not a guarantee that the payment will be returned.
Q. How long will my History be viewable online?
Payment history for active and deleted payees is retained and viewable for 18 months.
Q. Who, if anyone, are customers not allowed to pay?
Customers cannot send an electronic payment to a payee that is not in the electronic processor database-Payees are not verified for check payments.  Otherwise, payments can be made to anyone.  You are discouraged from paying tax payments and child support due to the fact that you may not have the proper audit trail for record keeping purposes.